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superior 10 foot trade show booth
SUPERIOR V1 Series Trade Show Display Booth


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SUPERIOR V1 Single Slat Wall Panel Trade Show Display Booth: This amazing Trade show booth allows your company to look professional at a very low cost without Compromising quality of design. Install it yourself or hire trade show labor, either way you will save money and time. This is not a flimsy cheap imported display, all components are custom made by us in house and in the USA. You also get as a bonus the best customer service around. This is a durable freestanding display, it has a lightweight aluminum frame. You have a choice of 3 colors of slat wall and frame in white, black or gray. The display is finished in a glossy hard powder coated finish to give you years of Trade Showing durability. The Trade Show booth comes with 2 LED Light fixture on top that easily mounts on the top of your display and shines down on your vibrant large graphics. Easy Color coded assembly with No Tools, all pieces included can transport neatly in a custom roto shipping case (not Included). Everything you will need to display your products at your next Trade Show with the guarantee of quality and being American made at a ridiculous price. You can look around and nothing will compare to the price and quality you will receive from this 10 foot exhibit, with a company that has been creating trade show displays for decades. This exhibit is a no brainier purchase at a price that cannot be beat! If you need more Slat Wall Space look at the SUPERIOR V2. Set Up Made Simple!



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Set Up With TADD proprietary insert, push and tighten knob assembly

NO TOOLS, Color Coded assembly and set up a Breeze!!

Display Frame Choice of White, Black or Gray

See how easy set up can be below!


8- 46" truss post that interlock into and become 4 - 92"truss post with hook and slide holes

6 rectangle frames with hook and slide pins

5 PVC Slat wall Panels 12" x36" Choice of White, Black or Gray

2 - 3' x 8' SEG Fabric graphics for left and right of display (Artwork Template received when processing)

1 Top and 1 Bottom Sintra printed signs 9.5" x 35"

2 LED Lights for top with easy slide attachment

TADD Accessory bag

Set up Directions

1 Flat Screen hardware add $365.00

SEG Fabric Graphic added on back of the Exhibit, comes with all moldings in place and graphic for an easy install(Approx 8' x 10') Add $1,280.00

Packs in cardboard or you can add a roto case to ship exhibit for $375.00


Cases may vary in appearance than the photo shown

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Slat wall Accessories twb1
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Ships UPS or FEDEX

4 to 6 weeks after graphic approval or sooner based on seasonal production.


Just under 10 ft wide and Set up height 92”

Display Weight: 120 lbs

Have your Own Crate? Not a problem ...exhibit can ship to you in cardboard cartons.

You can add a roto case to ship exhibit for $375.00

GS roto case
Add 1 case for this display $375.00
frame colors
Black Slat wall PVC panelswhite slat wall PVC panelsgray Slat wall PVC panels

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3 High gloss Frame Colors to choose
Slat Wall panels come in 3 colors
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trade show booth with slat wall button artwork for trade show booth  
  Press for 3D View of the Superior V1 Trade Show Booth
Shown with a Full SEG graphic on bacK of display (optional)
Marquee Sign Package Upgrade...add $285.00
  Other sign options available, below is the Marquee header package, you get an additional 3 signs: Center sign marquee shape and two left and right signs. This allows you to change up your trade show booth, you can display with the signs that come with your booth display or set up with the marquee Sign package. When ordering mention you want the sign package upgraded. When constructing your booth, sign tabs are welded in place, at installation whether you use the 3 signs that came with your booth or Marquee upgraded all options install with ease. The marquee sign upgrade will add dimension and style to your 10 foot trade show booth. Marquee upgrades can be added on most TADD 10 foot trade show booths.
Super Slat Wall trade show booth
Shown above with the Marquee sign package upgraded
super V2 trade show exhibit boothslat wall super v2 trade show boothTrade show display sign for top of booth
Optional Marquee sign upgrade shown with the SUPERIOR V2 - 10 foot Trade Show Display
If you need more information call for details on sign upgrade
super 10 foot trade show exhibit

SUPERIOR V2 10 foot Trade Show Display with Center Slat Wall Panel and shown with Flat Screens

Flat Screen not included and Flat screen hardware is additional
how it works bar
Follow color coded dot markings Line up support pins Align pins and insert into keyhole openings Insert  flat rectangle pins into keyhole openings After inserting push down into place Secure with turning knob lightbox gallery MAC by v5.9m
For Purchasing Information, call us 631 573 6776 Business Hours are 9:00am to 5:00pm EST
Email us at for more information.
Our display products are Manufactured in America ...quality you can see and feel, guaranteed!