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slat wall towers in many sizes
Slat Wall Tower Display Sizes - 2' W x 6' 7' 8' HT - 3'W x 6' 7' 8'HT - 4' W x 6' 7' 8'HT
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Slat Wall Tower Displays come in 2ft - 3ft  - 4ft widths 2 Foot Tower shown here with custom signs top and bottom 2 foot towers come with many options 3 Foot Tower shown here with custom signs top and bottom 3 foot towers come with many options 4 Foot Tower shown here with custom signs top and bottom 4 foot towers come with many options You can get custom graphics and LED Lights to really make a grand impact We have the size slat wall tower you need! Towers come with color panel inserts in White, Black or Gray Included with your Tower lightbox gallery MAC by v5.9m


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Slat Wall Tower Displays We have what size you need! Slat Wall Towers, perfect for trade shows, events, craft fairs, or anywhere easy quick set up and dismantle is needed. The Slat Wall Towers come in many sizes, please check the chart on this page for a slat wall tower that works for you. With our easy line up slide down and denton pin assembly this display is the most convenient way of installation and dismantling on the internet. You can set up in literally minutes. You have a Choice of frame color in black, white and gray and PVC Slat wall panels in white, black and gray colors you can mix or match the colors (Aluminum panels also available). There is space top and bottom for personalizing the tower. We supply white, black and gray Sintra 1/8 boards for the top and bottom tower areas. This area can be upgraded with your logo or designed graphic. These Slat Wall Towers Displays offer plenty of product displaying area. They are strong, durable and have a high gloss powder coated finish. Slat wall on all 4 sides, top and bottom frames and poles insert together with No Tools. Signs, lights and shipping case can be added. Call or email for any inquiries Set Up Made Simple!

NEW: You can now get any sides of the Slat Wall Display Tower replaced with an SEG (Silicone Edge Graphic) at No additional cost! Contact our Sales team to discuss what you want and we do the rest. A full length SEG graphic on one side, two sides or up to 4 sides making the tower a full length graphic tower on all sides or just one side transformed into a graphic tower with slat wall panels on 3 sides. The choice is yours, any combination you want can be achieved,contact us at or call and we can give you more details.
From $995 to $2800

Slaw Wall Tower Sizes

  • Slat Wall Tower 2' x 6' cost $995.00
  • Slat Wall Tower 2' x 7' cost $1075.00
  • Slat Wall Tower 2' x 8' cost $1275.00
  • Slat Wall Tower 3' x 6' cost $1395.00
  • Slat Wall Tower 3' x 7' cost $1595.00
  • Slat Wall Tower 3' x 8' cost $2295.00
  • Slat Wall Tower 4' x 6' cost $1895.00
  • Slat Wall Tower 4' x 7' cost $2450.00
  • Slat Wall Tower 4' x 8' cost $2800.00
If you need a special size call for custom size prices
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All Towers Ship FEDEX or UPS

10 to 14 business days or less depending on seasonal demand


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Cases and signs sold separately ...Tower displays ships in Heavy Duty cardboard cartons unless you want a tough roto molded case add $375.00 per case. Call and discuss how many cases your tower size will require All Slat Wall Towers come with adjustable foot bottoms
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2 ft x 6 ft Slat wall tower Line up bottom rectangle and insert into insert holes Continue until complete Keep inserting rectangles until you form a square Lock all corners with locking knobs Install into top poles the insert support tubes Insert top poles until complete Slide down the channel all the slat wall Continue until all panels are complete Install top rectangles all around the square and tighten with a locking knob Install top and bottom covers Add custom Signs/Logos to your slat wall tower to make perfect! Completed slat wall tower on one side lightbox gallery MAC by v5.9m
NEW get an SEG(Silicone Edged Graphic) on any side for no additional cost!!
slat wall tower displays with SEG

On larger slat wall tower displays you can add a lockable access door on one side of the slat wall tower...great for storage during your event!! Call for pricing

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For Additional Information, call us 631 573 6776 Business Hours are 9:00am to 5:00pm EST
Email us at for more information.