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Flat Screen / Monitor Hardware for your Trade Show Booth Displays


Most of our Portable Trade Show Display Booths can be enhanced to offer Flat Screen TV's. Just choose which Trade Show Display you want and add a flat screen bracket to your order. We do the rest, when your trade show booth or event display is being created the necessary brackets and tubes are added, all with our color coded system for easy set up and take down. We supply the flat screen mounting bracket including the bracket for your trade show display. Clearly explained in your manual. Once you arrive at your Trade Show just set up, lift and mount your flat screen monitor with our easy on and easy off monitor bracket mounting system for TADD Trade Show Displays. Whether you have one of our SEG Trade Show Display Booths, Small Slat Wall Floor Stand or Table Top Displays, just lift and mount your monitor with ease. With TADD Innovations Trade Show Booths all is contained in your roto molded shipping cases. With our proprietary TADD roto molded Shipping case your flat screen ships protected with your Trade Show Booth.

Why would I need a flat screen on my Trade Show Booth Display?

Flat Screens add motion and movement which is extremely beneficial in a busy Trade Show Venue. Digital content on your product or company can be display on a flat screen monitor.For example you can have a slide show playing in your booth and showing product even if your team is busy with clients. Most Flat screens have drivers so you can play and loop (repeats over and over) your commercials and advertisements.

An "exhibitor fact" a flat screen with your companies commercials or pictures keeps a Trade Show attendee engaged longer than without!

Check out our White Glove Service if you need help with your Flat screen...we take care of it all !


Flat screen mounts with easy hook on

brackets...Just hook and show.

flat screen brackets for trade show booth displays

  Some Examples on how your Trade Show Display Booth can look with a Flat Screen Monitor  
You can add hardware for a flat screen on all sleeve graphic with slat wall trade show booths Shown here  with a 32" TV on a 333 trade show booth...plenty of room for products You can get flat screen hardware on any Demo Table Displays Econ-36 trade show booth with a 32" flatscreen...really enriches your trade show booth Get up to a 50" Monitor on our 343 trade show booth shown here with a 40"TV Perfect for your counter area, easily view ditgal content  while conducting business Let us take away all your  hassles from start to finish...look into our White Glove Service! lightbox gallery MAC by v5.9m


Call or email us a and we can discuss options on adding flat screen hardware to your trade show booth display.

Cost average between $250 to $450 for flat screen hardware to accommodate a flat screen. Size and weight restriction on flat screen apply.

We only supply Samsung flat screens with our White Glove Service Press link for more information.


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